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Scapular Vs Glenohumeral Dysfunction: Which Is The Chicken & Which Is The Egg?

Description: This presentation examines the recent research to discuss the potential relative contributions of both the scapula and the glenohumeral joint to the patient’s shoulder pain.


Presenter:         Tanya  Bell-Jenje
Total CPD Points:             
Cost:                                R480

Hypermobility Syndromes and Pacing

Description: This clinical presentation will include a patient sharing her experience of living with a hypermobility disorder. The presentation will conclude with an approach to activity pacing as part of a management strategy for fatigue.

Presenter:         Lorraine Jacobs
Total CPD Points:             
Cost:                                R380

Professional Testimonials

Thank you so much – as always your courses are of high standard and quality. And the presentation went more than well! Congratulations.



Thanks Tanya and all involved for the online presentation. The shoulder really is complicated and there is just always more to learn.



As the current evidence used, and treatment approaches taught... Were very applicable to my current setting.The online experience was new, but was interactive. I would definitely do another one.



Thank you Was very interesting. Good to know that there is more than just Beighton’s scale.



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